Aspects of Social Determinants of Health: Defining and Sharing

A few different organizations have undertaken to categorize SDoH. The most comprehensive initiative, cited by several of my interviewees, is the Gravity project. Dr. Marc Rabner, chief medical officer of the nonprofit CRISP Shared Services (CSS), has served on the technical advisory committee for Gravity. Read full article:

How HIE Tools Can Bridge the SDOH Data Interoperability Gap

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When healthcare providers and social services exchange SDOH data, they can coordinate care that addresses both the clinical and social needs of patients. CRISP Shared Services (CSS), a nonprofit providing health IT services to HIEs across six states, recently appointed Marc Rabner, MD, MPH, as CMO to help advance SDOH data interoperability efforts. Read full […]

EHR vendors don’t have to draw a ‘line in the sand’ on reproductive data privacy

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In a Q&A with Healthcare IT News, Sweeney also explains why electronic health record vendors can better partner with healthcare organizations to maintain interoperability, stay in compliance with information blocking rules under the Cures Act and still restrict access to legally-protected data as well as what precautions health organizations can take to mitigate reproductive privacy risks […]

How HDUs enable better public health by bridging the data divide

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Health data utilities are revolutionizing public health by breaking down data silos, enabling proactive interventions and addressing health disparities. Read full article:

Behavioral Provider Sees Value of ADTs from Conn. HIE

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Zachary Dauphinais, clinical informatics manager at United Services, says getting admission/discharge/transfer notices on their full patient population has been a game-changer Read full article:

U. of Alaska Associate Dean of Clinical Health Sciences to Lead State HIE

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Kendra Sticka, Ph.D., R.D.N., will work to increase partnerships with community-based organizations and state agencies to continue advancement of Alaska’s healthcare ecosystem Read full article:

What Doctors Wish You Knew About HIPAA and Data Security

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Health care systems do their best to safeguard against breaches. But all of us could be doing more to protect our confidential health data. That starts with understanding when this data is most at risk. Read full article:

HIMSSCast: Interoperability – HIEs and other frameworks beyond TEFCA

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The CEO of CRISP and CRISP Shared Services discusses how health information exchanges, regional health networks and others are collaborating to build out the interoperability ecosystem and enable more effective sharing of critical clinical and public heal Read full article: