Transforming health infrastructure, one system at a time.

We believe building modern, locally tailored health infrastructure can be affordable, scalable and impactful.

Building health technology for the greater good.

CRISP Shared Services is an innovative nonprofit sharing technology and expert strategy to empower localized healthcare ecosystems.

Our Approach

Co-creating innovative solutions with shared resources nationwide.


Modern infrastructure can be interoperable and efficient – which is why our approach focuses on optimizing existing technologies and cross-sector resources.


Solutions are impactful when developed by those that rely on them – which is why we co-create answers directly with the users of our tools.


Stakeholders know the unique needs of their communities - which is why we preserve the autonomy and individuality of our affiliates and partners.


Improving the utility of data while reducing total costs is possible – which is why we leverage reusable technologies and share economic incentives.

Affiliate Benefits

Retain autonomy, increase impact.

We partner with organizations seeking modern and efficient solutions to enhance patient care, streamline care coordination and advance public health

Designated Seat

Affiliate’s appoint representatives to our Governance Board to ensure an equitable governance structure.

Fair Investment

Pricing model is maintained by the Governance Board and designed to be proportionate to the size and complexity of the affiliate.

Competitive Pricing

Contracting at the organization-level increases negotiation power ensuring maintaining competitive revenue.

Custom Engineering

Special development and deployment of solutions and tools to fit your unique needs and population.

Shared Access

Affiliate access to custom-engineered solutions for cost-effective industry-leading features and functionality.

National Networks

Streamlined participation in eHealth Exchange’s national network and TEFCA, Office of the National Coordinator’s federally endorsed framework.

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Solutions in action.

We’ve deployed dozens of impactful use-cases now available to all our affiliates.

Medicaid Redetermination Notification

healthEconnect and CRISP worked with CRISP Shared Services and state Medicaid for custom deployments of the Medicaid Redetermination Notification Project across Alaska and Maryland. The project delivers secure panel reports of Medicaid-matched patients who will face redetermination within the next 90 days directly to care teams removing data siloes and redundant administrative labor, enabling care teams to instead focus on supporting these patients.

Connie, Connecticut’s health information exchange, worked with CRISP Shared Services for a custom deployment of an innovative medication management and data parsing tool utilizing framework developed by Connecticut’s Medication Reconciliation and Polypharmacy Work Group. CRISP Shared Services was able to standardize dosing and coding, moving the state and industry closer to medication reconciliation support.

Deployed first across Maryland, CRISP Shared Services’ Maternal Health Identification feature notifies a patient’s care team when a diagnosis code indicates pregnancy or a change in their status (complication, labor, delivery or post-partum). Utilizing ADT data allows for real time identification and alerting, using a set of ICD-10 codes provided by the CDC.

A unique data sharing partnership between CRISP DC, Washington D.C.’s designated health information exchange, DC Public Schools (DCPS) and Children’s National Hospital leverages existing CRISP Shared Services’ processes and technology to deliver monthly absentee data to providers through direct secure email for patients who’ve consented. This allows a child’s care team to provide intervention support to children that might be experiencing hardship.

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Affiliate Technology

Ensuring your communities have vital data.

Our technologies are modular and reusable so they can be rapidly configured to serve diverse healthcare stakeholders across your region.

Scalable Health Information Exchange Infrastructure
  • Master Patient Index: Ensure data accuracy with seamlessly complete and reconciled patient records.
  • FHIR/USCDI API Integration Layer: Utilize efficient data interoperability and advanced patient matching and parsing.
  • Data Lake: Master and link data sets from multiple sources for curated reporting efforts using cloud-based infrastructure.
  • Clinical Data Repository: Store and manage comprehensive clinical data for informed decision-making.
Localized Data Management & Analytics
  • Integration Engine: Modernized and standardized data exchange capabilities and compatibility.
  • Public Health Registry Infrastructure: Enhance public health efforts with centralized infrastructure and data.
  • Social Determinants of Health Integration Layer: Gain insight into social health needs for better population health initiatives and patient care.
  • Social Determinants of Health Basic Tools: Streamlined tools for assessing social needs and closing the loop on referrals to ensure needs are met effectively.
Patient & Provider-Centric Tools  
  • Advanced Consent Management: Give patients advanced consent options and control over their data.
  • Encounter Notification System: Provide critical and timely notifications to care providers for improved patient outcomes.
  • Care Team/Relationship Service: Increase collaboration and exchange among healthcare stakeholders and providers.
  • Portal and InContext App Integration: Ensure flexible and dependable access to vital patient information through portal access and seamless EHR integration.
Affiliate Services

Expanding impact with expert strategy.

Our industry-leading experts partner with you to build locally tailored strategies that deliver value to your communities while navigating intricate regulatory environments.

Collaborative Strategic Planning and Leadership
  • Roadmaps: Strategic development and increased network participation.
  • Infrastructure Support: Technical foundation expansion and optimization.
  • Public Health Development: Unique use cases that address community needs leveraging stakeholder relationships.
  • Integration Engineering: Design and implement utility solutions that support the needs of your community.
Compliance and Revenue Streamlining
  • MES and CMS Certification: Leverage compliance with Medicaid Enterprise Systems (MES) for Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) Certification.
  • Reuse Funding Strategies: Build sustainable budgets through supported negotiations and reuse of technologies.
  • Privacy and Security Strategy: Ensure compliance of industry standards to safeguard data and navigate policy landscape.
  • 24/7 Support Desk: Reliable support for troubleshooting and immediate operational assistance.
Interoperability á la carte

Helping you go the last mile.

We offer a suite of vendor-agnostic a la carte services that can help you achieve critical connection and transform to a health utility.

Some of our ad hoc interoperability partnerships include:

  • National Network Connectivity
  • Custom Population Health Analytics
  • HIE Finance Services
  • State PDMP Integration
  • Tailored Public Health Registry Solutions
  • Medicaid Claims Data at Point of Care
  • Medicaid Interoperability Compliance
  • Patient Access API
  • Image Exchange
  • State-specific Sensitive Data Parsing

Building infrastructure for data-driven decisions.

CRISP Shared Services is a 501c3 that partners with healthcare data exchange entities, government agencies and community-based organizations to provide health information utility solutions.


A seat at the table.

Our Shared Governance Board is made up of designated representatives from each member organization.

Board of Directors

Scott MacLean

MedStar, Board Chair (Maryland)

Scott T. MacLean is the senior vice president and chief information officer at MedStar Health, where he provides leadership and vision for Information Services (IS) supporting clinical, research, academic, and administrative functions across the healthcare system. With over 25 years of experience in Information Technology (IT), MacLean began his career at General Electric. Prior to joining MedStar, he held the position of deputy chief information officer and director of IS Operations for Partners HealthCare in Boston, overseeing core technology infrastructure, data centers, desktop support, and service desk for affiliated practices. In previous roles, he served as chief information officer at Newton-Wellesley Hospital and corporate director for Partners, with responsibilities extending to information systems and telecommunications oversight.

MacLean’s extensive contributions to the healthcare IT field include serving as the board chair for HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society), presenting on technology in healthcare globally, and participating in initiatives to improve patient safety and cancer outcomes through computer systems. He has also been involved in various leadership roles, including as a past president of the New England Chapter of HIMSS, a charter member of the Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise-USA (IHE-USA) Board of Directors, and a member of the HIMSS Analytics Board of Directors. Additionally, MacLean has written and spoken on healthcare technology in the United States, Middle East, and Asia, showcasing his commitment to advancing information systems in the healthcare sector.

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