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Our Services

We support HIE Members to provide these services:

Point of Care:  Clinical Query Portal & InContext Information

  • Search for your patients’ prior hospital records (e.g. labs, radiology reports, etc.)

  • Prescription Drug Monitoring (in supported states)

  • Determine other members of your patient’s care team

  • Be alerted to important conditions or treatment information

Care Coordination:  Encounter Notification Service (ENS)

  • Be notified when your patient is hospitalized in any regional hospital

  • Receive special notification about ED visits that are potential readmissions

  • Population Health Reports:  CRISP Reporting Services (CRS)

  • Use Case Mix, Medicaid, and Medicare claims data

  • Identify patients who could benefit from services

  • Measure performance of initiatives for QI and program reporting

  • Coordinate with peers on behalf of patients who see multiple providers

Public Health Support: 

  • Deploying services in partnership with state Public Health Departments.

  • Enabling researchers to appropriately access aggregated data and manage cohort studies

  • Hosting  Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

Program Administration: 

  • Making policy discussions more transparent and informed

  • Supporting Care Redesign Programs

Other Shared Services:

  • Advisory

  • Master Patient Index (MPI)

  • Notifications

  • FHIR based Consent Tool

  • Clinical Query Portal

  • Data Repositories

  • Help Desk

  • Networking and Infrastructure support

  • Privacy & Security

  • Analytics

  • Image Exchange

  • Direct Secure Messaging

  • Governance Program Support

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